Sunday, October 4, 2015

"I Have No Hometown" Lyrics Annotation

Hyukoh is a South Korean indie band that only continues to rise in popularity. The members are Oh Hyuk (singer and rhythm guitar), Lim Hyunjae (lead guitar), Im Dongun (bass), and Lee Inwoo (drums). My favorite song of theirs is "I Have No Hometown" from their 2014 album 20. It's a track that one under the weight of depression and nostalgia can relate to. For me personally, it was a source of solace on summer days when I couldn't find the motivation to leave the darkness my room for more than necessities. 

Desolation, isolation that means where I stand

combination of information that means where I've been
Singer Oh Hyuk begins the song with a short summary of what his life is at the moment. He feels alone and empty. His life and experiences are simply a "combination of information".
Discomfort of depression I know well it's ill but anxiety in reality it would never disappear
Depression and anxiety distort thought, perception, everything. When you suffer from either or both, they make themselves comfortable in your life, and you can't help but believe that they will always be there. They become so regular that it's near impossible to imagine life with them.

I know I need to be sure about me and I know I need to stop repeating wandering It's hard, it will always be I'm fully aware of it
Oh Hyuk knows he has to change how he's living. He knows that he needs to break patterns of being lost and just wandering. He's "fully aware" of how difficult it'll be. I wanna have falling endlessly dreams again long for the rough texture of Chinese old bricks wish I could run on the rugged hill of cornfield again I wanna swim in the nostalgia of childhood again
In the chorus stanza, scenes and feelings of childhood surface. The innocent and prolific dreams of a child are longed for. Oh Hyuk's presumed hometown where he spend his young days is described. He remembers even rudimentary sensations, like the "rough texture of Chinese old bricks" and the feeling of running through cornfields.
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"I Have No Hometown" perfectly captures what it's like to feel like you're living in the wrong world in comparison to the environment of childhood, where everything just was how it was and there were no questions to be asked. The endless cycles of mental distortions caused by depression and anxiety are simply but accurately described as well. I've found myself that there's no concept of future with depression, just what I've already experienced, and what I feel now. What I feel now, seems like all there will ever be, so I can't help but choose to think about simpler times instead, like Oh Hyuk.

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  1. Loved it! Your thoughts are so nice, so on point. Feeling this way too, I feel depression will never disappear.